Welcome baby Emily,

Baby Emily was born on Christmas day and made her parents the most happiest couple in the world.

I made her blanket with her name and birth date on it and I am sure she is enjoying now and she will enjoy more when she grow up and save that for her children.

Happy Mother’s day

Happy mother’s day to all moms specially to Kelly, Arlene, Tracy and Lindsey for becoming mom for first time and ordering their baby blankets which was such a pleasure to create my unique blankets for their bundle of joy.

Hope your babies will enjoy my soft, plush creation and you moms will enjoy it also throughout the years and will keep for them as you will watch them growing up.

Thank you again.


Welcome baby Clinton Joseph, Molly and Jack Dempsy


I want to thank yu    for     trusting    my  work   and ordering 3 set of blankets for your sister’s new born baby and also for your sister in law’s baby and third one I believe is your brother’s baby. Thank you so much and I hope they will enjoy them with special touch on each blanket and will cherrish   the  memories forever with keeping them when the babies are all growing throughout the years.

Happy new year to you and all


Thank you first for your order of my baby blankets for your bundles of joy and second for your beautiful comments after receiving that.

I appreciate your encouragement.

Hope you will keep those as a souvenir for your grandchildren.



love in every imaginable demention

Christmas Babies

Hello new moms,

I hope you will have a good experience visiting my site and I know how excited you are for the new baby specially baby will be a Christmas baby and will born by Christmas time, so exciting and indeed will be a real Christmas gift for parents and whole family.

You can also give a gift to that tiny baby too who brings  so much joy and happiness to your family.

Order his/her small and very first blanket with his/her name and birth date on it which comes in 4 pieces :  the blanket, matching pillow case, burp cloth and tiny bag to carry milk bottle and couple of tiny toys or dipers.

This will be a gift you will give to your baby and will make the memories last forever and will be a true souvenir to your grandchildren to cherish throughout the years.

Give your baby  a gift of love.

I am so sure that you will love what I will make for your baby.

Pamela Kaveh


Happy Father’s Day

I know that I don’t have any gift to offer to father’s but I just want to say Happy Father’s day to all young, old and every father specially new fathers  or future fathers  who will have the joy of being a father for first time.

Simple and Elegant



A baby shower gift to remember

What baby gift can be more precious than a tiny, plush blanket with baby name on it and the day he/she was born?

the complete set comes in 4 pieces including matching pillow case, burp cloth and a tiny bag to carry milk bottle and a couple of diapers. It can be made with your own desired fabric and even your loving message on it like:

welcome to family,  you complete us,  you brought happiness to our family,  our princess and many more.

Please take a look at my sample blankets and if you like, please leave a not with your order.

It will be shipped directly to you and your gift definitely will stand out and will be remembered.



welcome to Simple and Elegant

Thank you for visiting my website and review of my products which can be customized to your own desired fabric and color choice to fit your home harmony and I hope I will have a privilege of making pieces that will fit your home design.

Happy Mother’s day

Every mom deserves appreciation and luckily we have one special day in our calendar  to say thank you Mom for all you did for me and show our love and appreciation for their uncoditional love, support and dedication.

New expectant moms are also included in this important day because they are future moms and need the same attention and appreciation.

Give a gift of love and memory in their shower party and make them to feel special with my unique and creative baby blanket which baby name and birthdate comes uniquely on the blanket.

My baby blanket comes in four beautiful pieces:

One matching pillow case, two burp cloths, and a small  bag to carry the baby bottle and diaper.

This set makes a beautiful gift for any new mom and keep their first baby memories forever.

New mom’s gift for mother’s day

It is a joy to become a mom for first time and it will be a joy to keep all baby memories for years to come. I think my creation of making a plush blanket with baby name, birthday and loving message will be the most precious gift for any mom to give.

you can order this unique gift for your beloved ones, friend and whoever is important in your life.

blanket can be made with any fabric, trim and design of your choice.

please take advantage of this extra ordinary gift creation.

Happy mother’s day to all moms

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