Happy Father’s Day

I know that I don’t have any gift to offer to father’s but I just want to say Happy Father’s day to all young, old and every father specially new fathers  or future fathers  who will have the joy of being a father for first time.

Simple and Elegant



A baby shower gift to remember

What baby gift can be more precious than a tiny, plush blanket with baby name on it and the day he/she was born?

the complete set comes in 4 pieces including matching pillow case, burp cloth and a tiny bag to carry milk bottle and a couple of diapers. It can be made with your own desired fabric and even your loving message on it like:

welcome to family,  you complete us,  you brought happiness to our family,  our princess and many more.

Please take a look at my sample blankets and if you like, please leave a not with your order.

It will be shipped directly to you and your gift definitely will stand out and will be remembered.