Christmas Babies

Hello new moms,

I hope you will have a good experience visiting my site and I know how excited you are for the new baby specially baby will be a Christmas baby and will born by Christmas time, so exciting and indeed will be a real Christmas gift for parents and whole family.

You can also give a gift to that tiny baby too who brings  so much joy and happiness to your family.

Order his/her small and very first blanket with his/her name and birth date on it which comes in 4 pieces :  the blanket, matching pillow case, burp cloth and tiny bag to carry milk bottle and couple of tiny toys or dipers.

This will be a gift you will give to your baby and will make the memories last forever and will be a true souvenir to your grandchildren to cherish throughout the years.

Give your baby  a gift of love.

I am so sure that you will love what I will make for your baby.

Pamela Kaveh


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