A Treasure Called a Baby

Treasure called a baby, creation of love and passion which usually open eyes in the hospital but sometimes cannot wait to come to this world and arrives in different places like home, car, shop or even in airplane which is so interesting.

BabyWithin arrival, makes a big change in our lives, makes two single people mom and dad, brings joy to other people in the family.

Starts relationship with parents upon arrival, feels warmth of mother’s skin, gets nourished from mom’s body while feeling secure and peace.  Sleeps like an angel but sometimes this angel takes sleep away from us because somewhere in his little body hurts.

Baby, indeed is the bridge keeps parents together and gives meaning to their lives. Why we love them? because they are part of our body which separated at birth but yet is attached to us deeply. They make our lives so meaningful and  their presence validates love and togetherness.

We watch them grow up  and see their first step, holding their milk bottle, smile, say mom and dad for first time and we enjoy all those growing up memories.

One day they will have their own babies and will tell them about their own childhood and will give them souvenir from their own past like their own baby toys, clothes, shoes and many other things that their mom kept for them.

My baby blanket with baby name and birthdate is the one mom’s will keep memories forever to their grand children  to enjoy and cherish.

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